Amer Al Khuffash

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Yarmouk University majoring in Theatre & Music in 1992.

Amer is A pioneering multi-disciplinary artist in Arab world, started acting at early age, and has a long experience in the field of Theater, films, TV production, Music and Dance, he co-founded the Jordanian Al-Fawanees Theater Group, the Amman Theater Days Festival in the 90’s, and Al-Balad theater during early 2000 in Jordan, and a member in the international theater institute ITI .

Al-Khuffash has received several awards like Best Multi Disciplinary Theater Actor, Best Theatrical Makeup Artist among many other important awards. Directed and produced many remarkable theatrical productions that toured the Arab region such as Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan. Also, he directed many influential awareness TV campaigns, as well as commercials and music videos for himself and for other well-known Arab stars. His latest theatrical production in 2010 was “Petra Rocks”with the National Centre for Culture and Arts/ King Hussein Foundation , a huge Musical play that was funded by the Royal Hashimite Court and Greater Amman Municipality were he played the main role as well as wrote the script for the play, and the music lyrics for this production In Jordan .
Amer Served as children's drama instructor for 4 years in a number of private schools and the competent institutions in Jordan.

Amer presented various diverse roles for TV series, and participated as an actor alongside big names from the Arab and International Cinema scene.
As a musician, singer, composer and writer, Amer Al-Khuffash has four music albums, the latest one has received international recognition and was released in 2010, titled “Don of Sahara – Amer Al Khuffash). As a vocalist he participated in many soundtracks of prominent TV series in the Arab world, and was awarded the second Place of the Best World Song Prize from the International Oriental Music Festival in Bosnia 2006.
As a jury memeber, Al-Khuffash took part in many Competitions within significant festivals, such as Al Sawari Theater Festival in Bahrain 2013, and the Gulf Festival for TV and Radio in various editions.

Amer Al-Khuffash currently works as a TV Production Consultant with Bahrain Television, and meanwhile as an artist he is writing scripts for Cinema, TV and Theater productions , in 2018 the Ministry of Information Affairs appointed Amer Alkhuffash as member of the National Commission for Childhood.

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